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This site is dedicated to those working as ‘Teaching Assistants’ and those who may seek to recruit and employ them, such as recruitment agencies, schools, nurseries and after school clubs.

Teaching Assistants can also be known as;

  • Classroom Assistants
  • Learning Support Assistants
  • Child Support Assistants
  • Special Needs Assistants

The role of the teaching assistant is becoming increasingly varied and can also involve work as a ‘Cover Supervisor’ (see or a ‘Higher Level Teaching Assistant’, both of these roles involve greater levels of responsibility than the ‘normal’ teaching assistants’ role.

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In the broadest of terms, the above roles can perhaps best be defined as ‘school support staff’ (see

This site provides a message board where those looking for jobs, staff, advice, support, as well as wanting to exchange ideas and resources with those in similar positions, can do so freely anytime.

We also have experienced live online site supervisors, who will be available to assist you with your enquiries. The site supervisors can be contacted via MSN Messenger.


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